Community Meeting: 05/21/29:
We had a good meeting on 5/21 – Agenda 05-21-19

  • We will not treat lilies or milfoil this year, but will watch to see what comes up and stay on top of any issues
  • Everyone seemed to agree that the big issue to focus on was toxic algae blooms
  • We spent time on the possible solution (alum treatment) – after the meeting I found this study on the Green Lake treatment (it turns out they have done 3 treatments about 13 years apart and, based on the report, the treatment provided about 10 years of relief from algae). Note that all lakes are different, but there is some good data in the report:…/GreenL…/GreenLakeAlumStudy2015.pdf
  • We talked about fundraising and took some action items to prepare a mailing and go door-to-door. In addition, we are looking into a possible fund-raising concert/social event